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What's Your Choice? - Bryan Smith

What's Your Choice? - Bryan Smith

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Isaac is a second-grader who hates having to decide between options that are not fun, totally boring, or too hard.

If he wants to ride his bike to a buddy's house, Isaac has to wear his helmet even though it's so hot he thinks his head will melt. Or, he can stay home and be bored. In the lunchroom, he can pick up the trash he dropped on the floor - Yuck! Or, he can pick up ALL the trash littering the floor - Double Yuck!

What will Isaac do when every option he has seems so awful?

What's Your Choice? is an empowering and amusing tale about learning how to make the best decision when your choices all involve things you really don't want to do. Written for young readers in PreK through 5, award-winning author Bryan Smith adds another valuable life lesson to this popular Stepping Up Social Skills book series for children. 

Helping children become good decision makers and lifelong problem solvers involves teaching them to choose. Included at the end of the story are tips for parents and educators to reinforce the message of how to make the best choice. 31 pgs.

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