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Unlock Your Resilience - Dr Stephanie Azri

Unlock Your Resilience - Dr Stephanie Azri

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Resilience has never been more important in helping us navigate the stresses and adversity of modern life. Resilience acts as a protective armour that helps us deal with the toughest challenges that life throws at us. The best thing about resilience? It is a skill that you can develop at any age.


This book lays out a 12-session programme that covers everything you need to unlock and develop your resilience, from self-esteem and self-care to emotional regulation and

stress management. Each chapter supports skill development and includes exercises, activities and discussion topics as well as case studies from people who have used the programme to improve their lives. Every session draws on various psychological techniques including CBT, positive psychology and solution-focused interventions.


The foundational skills this book teaches are ideal for anyone interested in improving their wellbeing, whether you are experiencing mental health issues or simply wish to increase

your mental strength.

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