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The Teenage Girl's Guide to Living Well With ADHD - Sonia Ali

The Teenage Girl's Guide to Living Well With ADHD - Sonia Ali

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Have you ever been told you are chatty or fidgety at school? Do you have a constantly whirring mind? Do you tune out and daydream or find it hard to pay attention? ADHD can impact your life in many ways. This positive, self-affirming guide will increase your knowledge about ADHD and empower you in your daily life. The chapters are full of tips, tricks and life hacks so you can better manage your time, harness your creativity, energy and enthusiasm, and make more time for fun! Reflection activities and quizzes will help you better understand yourself and learn strategies on how to manage the intense emotions of rejection sensitivity. Youll learn the fundamentals of great self-care and how to look forward to life beyond school. Learn how ADHD brains work, and tricky concepts like executive functioning. Quick chapter summaries let you pick which sections are most relevant to you right now, and the strategies and visuals are designed for ADHD brains and can be used with support from parents, mentors or teachers. The Teenage Girls Guide to Living Well with ADHD gives you all you need to build on your strengths and overcome challenges to fully embrace who you are and live your best life.

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