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Surround Toothbrush

Surround Toothbrush

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The SURROUND® TOOTHBRUSH is perfect for those with a low tolerance for daily tooth brushing, needing help with oral care, have difficulty using or holding a toothbrush or as an ‘easy-to- use’ children’s toothbrush.

The triple-headed pad with angled bristles ‘surround’ teeth to simultaneously brush all surfaces optimising plaque removal, allowing for more complete and efficient cleaning in less time as all tooth surfaces are brushed with each and every stroke, unlike a standard toothbrush; especially important to carer’s and staff when cooperation by patient during brushing is limited.

Simple back & forth brushing makes oral care quicker, easier & more efficient for carers and those with dexterity issues making it the perfect tool for ‘Special Needs”, orthodontic patients, the elderly and especially children.

The tripled-headed design helps guide the brushing action of those learning to clean their teeth. As they attempt independent brushing, more surface is cleaned with each stroke of the brush as the multiple headed bristles are simultaneously in contact with all surfaces of the teeth (lingual / tongue, facial and occlusive/ biting) assuring they brush and clean all surfaces, back and front. Easiest toothbrush for young children to use, making brushing less stressful for parent and child alike.

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