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Shapeeze Acitivty Pad 3-6 Years A3 Size

Shapeeze Acitivty Pad 3-6 Years A3 Size

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Shapeeze is a fun learning game which enables children to start school with an understanding of basic literacy and numeracy concepts and to develop crucial fine motor skills. Children learn to identify the letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes and sizes and develop the confidence to attempt new activities independently – all of which will encourage positive feelings in a child towards learning and school.

Shapeeze is the perfect antidote to an age of iPads and iPhones, excessive screen time and passive entertainment. Numerous studies have highlighted the detrimental effects of over dependence on electronic devices to a child’s overall development and well being with links to obesity, sleep disorders, aggression, poor social skills, depression and academic under-achievement. Karen Faulkner, at Nurture Parenting, has written an excellent blog on this subject. Our blog will include more articles on the importance of fine motor skills and related educational news.

Shapeeze takes children away from screens and engages them with bright colours and the opportunity to be creative. Most importantly, the tasks are fun and can be completed by the children independently, without adult supervision, boosting self confidence and giving them a real sense of achievement.

Shapeeze is available in a number of sizes and age-targeted versions and features designs and pictures which use common shapes of different sizes, numbers and number sequencing, alphabet and building words. The designs can be coloured in and pasted using the pre-cut press-outs featuring coloured or numbered shapes corresponding with the picture design.

Each design page suggests fun activities that can be attempted in addition to the initial colour and paste skill-based task and also any development strategies and goals the task involves. Colours and shapes can be labeled using supplied labeling tags and the scenes can be added to with additional drawing from the user. Pre-cut press-out letters and numbers can be drawn over, copied, put together to create words or create a pattern of repetition for learning to identify and write the alphabet and lay the groundwork for basic maths.

Shapeeze offers today’s children the opportunity to learn through play in the way our parents and grandparents did. It’s a return to the traditional activities of colouring, gluing and sticking which allow children to create and learn in the old fashioned way – extending their attention span and independence. It offers a form of occupational therapy at home or in a pre-school environment in a way which is fun and engaging.


Shapeeze is the ideal fun educational activity toy when travelling with kids. Each version features an integral carry handle and is complete with all the elements needed to create and learn on the go!

Each pack contains glue, a set of specially designed easy-grip colouring pencils and pre-cut press-out shapes in its high quality paper pad. It is the perfect activity to take on holiday to keep children entertained on those long car journeys and plane rides – all the while laying essential groundwork in basic maths and alphabet familiarization.


We have gone to great lengths to ensure that Shapeeze is fully compliant with Australian safety standards.

Every component – from the high quality paper, glue and specially designed easy-grip colouring pencils – have been tested rigorously.

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