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Sensory Genius Sensory Mats Set of 4

Sensory Genius Sensory Mats Set of 4

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Sensory Mats (set of 4) by Mindware Sensory Genius

 Improves Balance and Large Motor Skills

These sensory mats provide focus you can really get a feel for! Placed on the floor, they help to hone balance and large motor skills, or position them on a desktop to improve concentration. Each of the four brightly coloured mats has a unique texture, providing both value and variety alongside sensory stimulation.


Four brightly coloured mats with four unique textures

•            Textured, contoured mats stimulate the senses in hands or feet

•            Mats can be placed on the floor or table to improve focus, encourage relaxation, and reduce stress


•            4 Sensory mats

•            Inspirational quote card with product features

For Ages 5+

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