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Saturn Hoppit Balance Hopper

Saturn Hoppit Balance Hopper

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This happily-hair-raising-hoppit comes with a warning. There’s a very high chance that your child will become immediately addicted to the stimulating thrills it supplies.

Much easier to master than the original pogo stick, this planetary play thing provides excellent balance stimulation and muscle exercise for your child. Give it a go yourself; you’ll be bouncing around the house in no time!

Simply place a foot on the non-slip plastic platform, either side of the inflatable ball, squeeze your feet together and give a bounce. What a way to play!

  • FEATURESThe pogo ball that’s fun for all
  • Exercises your child’s balance skills and core muscles
  • Easily mastered and masterfully designed
  • Available in three different colours


  • Recommended for ages 5-9
  • Dimensions: 38cm wide
  • Holds up to 80kgs
  • Adults encouraged to give it a try, go ahead!
  • Pump valve is included, but does not include an air pump

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