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Sam Squirrel Has ADHD

Sam Squirrel Has ADHD

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A beautifully illustrated picture book about ADHD, (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and squirrels. See the significant effects the disorder has on the individual, their family and friends, and how with extra knowledge and understanding, the extremely common and well-known negative experiences can be changed to positive ones. Fall in love with the extremely cute, fun, creative and energetic Sam Squirrel, as he experiences his frustrating ‘roller coaster’ journey in life, at school, and at home with his friends and family. Watch how they persistently try to follow the right path and do the right thing, whilst being confronted with life’s many hurdles. Have admiration for Sam Squirrel and his parents as they all learn to understand and support each other, through the challenging circumstances they face, through no fault of their own. Have hope in the love that Sam Squirrel and his parents have for each other and join them in their celebrations as their relationships improve for the better.

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