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Practicing Patience - Jennifer Law

Practicing Patience - Jennifer Law

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Lately, Gabe has been having a hard time when it comes to waiting around. In fact, there's hardly anything worse in Gabe's eyes than having to wait. Whether it's waiting for classmates to get quiet enough to go to P.E., or waiting for his turn in the lunch line, Gabe is just plain tired of waiting!

But imagine Gabe's surprise when his grumbling and waiting is interrupted by a small voice coming from an unlikely place - his left shoe! That's when Gabe meets Lefty, who notices Gabe's restlessness and provides him with some tips on how to be patient. That sure was surprising for Gabe! But what was even more surprising was when his right shoe, Lacey, pipes in to explain why it's important to practice patience - even when it's hard!

Will Gabe be able to use these strategies to keep himself calm and remain patient when he has to wait? PreK through 5th grade students are sure to relate to Gabe's struggles and find ways to use the tips to practice patience at school and at home. 

Included at the end of the story are tips for parents and educators to help set children up for success later in life by teaching them how to practice patience by staying calm and waiting their turn. 31 pgs.

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