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Personal Talker

Personal Talker

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A pocket-sized, single-message device to support those with limited to no speech throughout their daily activities

Product Features:

  • Records and stores one message at a time, up to 10 seconds
  • Pictures, symbols, or written text insert into adjoining frame
  • Talker can close with bumper inserted, to create a large, single-surfaced button device 

The pocket-sized Personal Talker has ten seconds of recording time, which is enough time to record several sentences! A pen point is needed to record a message to help eliminate accidental erasure/recording. If the person using this device has trouble pushing the PLAY button, begin teaching single switch access by attaching a self adhesive “bumper” (included). Place a picture symbol on the front cover, then simply press on the cover to activate the message.


To use the device:

  • Place a picture symbol on the front cover.
  • Press a pen point into the small hole next to "Record" on front.
  • Record message for up to 10 seconds. 
  • Press "Play" button to activate message. 


Size: 2½ x 2½ x ⅝ inches. Weight: 1.6 oz. Uses 2 button batteries, included.

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