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Parker Plum And The Rotten Egg Thoughts - Billie Pavicic

Parker Plum And The Rotten Egg Thoughts - Billie Pavicic

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Parker Plum wakes from a night of slumber to find a little green egg resting on his pillow. How did it get there? Parker doesn’t know, and doesn’t seem to care. He plops it in his pocket and starts his day… a day that gets worse by the minute. Breakfast is awful, he misses the bus and, worst of all, he has to sit downwind from Dave, a guy who toots all day! Every disappointment gets Parker more upset and makes the egg grow bigger and bigger until it’s ginormous. Is this rotten, smelly blob about to explode? Fortunately for Parker, veteran lunch lady Mrs. Butterbott thinks she can defuse the situation. But it totally depends on whether Parker is willing to unscramble all his self-defeating thoughts. Can he? See what happens in this creative and colorful tale from talented author and educator Billie Pavicic

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