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Open Wide Disposable Mouth Prop

Open Wide Disposable Mouth Prop

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The Open Wide® Disposable Mouth Prop (a.k.a. Open Wide® Disposable Mouth Rest) is a helpful tool for those who can’t fully cooperate with oral hygiene / dental procedures due to behavioural issues, lack of motor control or too weak to keep mouths reliably open. This simple, user-friendly device is gentle in the mouth and easy on the user’s hands.

Made from high-density foam and a rigid wooden core for stability, it’s sturdy enough to resist biting pressure and has enough “give” to be comfortable for the person receiving care. The mouth prop also has a long handle for safe and easy control.

The Open Wide® Disposable Mouth Prop is designed for dental professionals, healthcare providers and with training, home carers; considered a ‘disposable / single use’ item in the dental office, it can be cleaned as directed and used as a “single patient use” device given to a trained caregiver / parent to assist them in providing daily oral care.

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