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My Day is Ruined! - Bryan Smith

My Day is Ruined! - Bryan Smith

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Flexible thinking allows people to think about things in new ways or to incorporate new information into a specific plan or idea. Flexible thinkers are often able to come up with more than one solution to a problem or challenge. The ability to think flexibly keeps children open to new experiences and new people.

Kids who tend to overreact often have trouble adjusting to the unexpected. This relatable story offers four useful steps for achieving flexible thinking. Learning how to react appropriately to challenging situations is an important executive function skill for children.

Braden is so excited for his upcoming championship baseball game! The night before, he dreams of that moment... THE moment... the oohs and ahhs of the crowd as he scores the game-winning run! But imagine his surprise when he wakes up to pouring rain... and NO GAME! A cancelled game, coupled with some events at school that don't go his way, send Braden on an overreaction tailspin! It seems no matter how small the setback, Braden lets disappointment ruin his mood and his day. Mom steps in and improvises with a fun activity that not only takes Braden’s mind off missing the game, but shows him that you can still have fun outdoors on a rainy day--if you’re willing to be a flexible thinker!

With Mom's help and the support of a good teacher, Braden learns the four steps for flexible thinking. As Braden practices the four steps, he finds that they are a sure-fire way to roll with the punches and meet tough challenges throughout the day!

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