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Mimiq Farm

Mimiq Farm

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Mimiq | Farm by Smart Games

Capture the other players’ cards by Mimiq-ing a variety of silly farm and animal faces and collect the most sets of 4 identical cards. If you don’t have the card a player asks you for, stick your tongue out!

Put your memory and your facial expressions to the ultimate test with Mimiq Farm! Share laughs every game!


Collect the most sets of four identical cards at the end of the game.


∞ One of the players shuffles the cards.

∞ Each player draws a hand of four cards.

∞ The remaining deck of cards is placed face down in the middle.

∞ Players can look at their own hand anytime.

∞ The youngest player starts, the turns are played clockwise. If a player gets four identical cards during the set-up, the player must put these cards back in the deck, shuffle it and then draw four other cards.


On their turn, player A asks one of the opponents for a card identical to one player A already has in hand, in order to get four identical cards. Player A must ask this way: “Please, do you have...” then make the facial expression shown on the card player A wants (ex.: pulling your ears and closing an eye).

If player B has one or several cards that have been asked for:

∞ Player B must give it/them to player A.

∞ If player A now has a set of four identical cards, place them in front of you.

∞ Player A can keep asking any player for more cards until no more can be found. If player B doesn’t have the card(s), player A asked for:

∞ Player B: stick out your tongue to let player A know you don’t have any.

∞ Player A must draw a single card from the pile, or take one from another player’s hand if the pile is empty.

∞ Player A’s turn is over, and the next player can play. If a player doesn’t have any cards during or at the beginning of the turn, the player draws one card from the pile or from another player’s hand if the pile is empty.


When all sets of four identical cards are collected, the player with the most cards is the winner.

For ages 4 years and up

2-6 pLayers

Approx. Play Time 15 mins.

Package may vary to that shown.

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