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Kaiko Mini Hand Roller 145gm Smooth OR Textured

Kaiko Mini Hand Roller 145gm Smooth OR Textured

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180gm colour

A new "mini" version of the original rollers, for easier portability and smaller hands! Choice of Textured or Smooth! Made from zinc alloy, this sensory support functions as both a weighted product and fidget. The texture adds a new sensory dimension and the texture can also be used as a picking support. 

It comes in a zip-up black case for great storage. Amazing for those that need to constantly keep hands busy & to assist with agitation and anxiety. 

Rotate in your hand, roll between your palms or roll to massage are three great ways you can use them. To gain an idea of how they feel to use - if you have some fat textas on hand place two in the same hand, side by side, and rotate around themselves.

Some like to put the metallic ones in the fridge between uses.

Also helpful for hand function & for using with individuals with dementia, Parkinson's, MS and other hand function difficulties.

Hand Roller Measurements for ALL varieties for comparison

  • Mini Metal 145 gram Textured & Smooth - approx. 32mm overall width & 69mm length 
  • Non metal Slimline 100 gram - approx. 40mm overall width & 84mm length 
  • Non Metal Slimline 260 gram - approx. 40mm overall width & 84mm length 
  • Smooth Metal 180, 250 & 305 gram- approx. 42mm overall width & 79mm length 
  • Smooth Metal 470 gram - approx. 42mm overall width & 94mm length 
  • TEXTURED Metal 300 gram - approx. 42mm overall width & 79mm length 

We get asked frequently if these are helpful for carpel tunnel.  It is important to seek your treating dr/ therapists opinion, but often they can be helpful. 

Hand squeeze exercises and tendon glide action are two exercises that are used for it and both are/can be emulated with the hand roller. Wrist stretch with weights is another and the hand roller can be used for that too. Generally best to keep selected weight to the lighter styles (180 gram or 100 gram). You may feel a gentle pull or stretch during use. However, should stop if experiencing any pain.

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