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Sensory Connect

Kaiko Chain Maille Set - 3 Sizes

Kaiko Chain Maille Set - 3 Sizes

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This is an incredible product! Different weights, amazing feel, it covers nearly everything a sensory seeker needs! Lay them flat on a surface and using your fingers move in a range of directions to form mesmerising patterns & movement. Scrunch into a ball or drape over the arm and 'pick' or roll/rub your hand back and forth.  

It comes with 3 sizes all in the one one carry tin. 

Small 7xm x 7 cm Approx 3gm

Medium 14 cm x 14 cm Approx 10gm

Large 21cm x 21cm Approx 21gm

Each have a split ring attached so that you can attach to a bag, keyring or wear over the finger to secure it while using. 

Materials: Stainless Steel.

Not suitable for 3 years and under due to small parts. 

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