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Jasper Lizard Wants to Stay Home. A Separation Anxiety Story - Ashly Bartley

Jasper Lizard Wants to Stay Home. A Separation Anxiety Story - Ashly Bartley

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Jasper is jittery, queasy, and panicky. Must be time for school!

For weeks, he has fussed, moaned, and sometimes even refused to go to class. He has outbursts each morning, tells Mom and Dad he’s sick, and hides in his room. He uses any and every reason he can muster to stay at home, but then spends hours playing video games and watching his favorite reptile shows. 

The longer Jasper stays out of school, the more anxious he gets about going back. His homework is piling up, and his parents are increasingly concerned and frustrated. They insist he go to school, and Jasper promises he will tomorrow. It’s always tomorrow. But when morning comes, he sobs and says he has to stay home for just one more day.  

Missing school also means missing football practice, so Jasper isn’t allowed to play in the big game. When the team loses, he wonders if he is to blame? Everyone wants an answer for why Jasper keeps skipping out on school.  

  • Is there a bully on the bus? Is school scary?
  • Is homework too hard? Is he really sick?
  • Is it a cry for attention?   

With playful rhymes and colorful characters, author Ashley Bartley explores why sometimes young kids refuse to go to school and what can give them the confidence to try school again. A special page written specifically for parents and teachers offers insightful and practical tips on helping children who suffer from separation anxiety and school-related stress

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