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Hoppin To The Show Game

Hoppin To The Show Game

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Hoppin’ to the Show is a cooperative game where players work together to help Al Kazaam, the magician, set up for his magnificent magic show. Players must work together in order to gather all of their tickets and hop to their seats. But beware! If they aren’t seated fast enough, the stage will become ready for Al Kazaam’s show and they’ll miss it!This family-friendly board game is designed to be played with a group of friends and family members of all ages.

It is a great way to teach kids about strategy, sharing, decision-making, cooperation and communication. As they play Hoppin' To The Show, children will learn about the magic of teamwork and the importance of working together to achieve their goals.

Child Development Skills:

StrategyShared Decision-makingCooperationNumber of Players: 2 to 4 Players

  • Suitable from 4 Years +
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