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Sensory Connect

Hip Hugger Tee Shirt Black

Hip Hugger Tee Shirt Black

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Size Approx. Age Sleeve Length Total Length

S 6-7 4.7" 21.7"

M 8-9 5.1" 23"

L 10-11 5.9" 24.5"

XL 12-13 6.7" 26.5"

XXL 14-15 7.5" 26.5"

Sensory Regulation with Stylish Comfort

Enjoy a full day of sensory support without compromising on style. The short sleeved Sensa-tional Hip Hugging Tee provides all-day deep pressure on arms, trunk and hips. The close-fitting tee can also be worn under another layer of clothing. Breathable fabric for use year-round. 

  • Encourages calm and focus by hugging the trunk, hips and arms
  • Supports kids and adults with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism
  • Tagless and soft feel for optimal comfort
  • Made by Fun and Function

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