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Hape Flexistix Eiffel Tower Kit

Hape Flexistix Eiffel Tower Kit

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Made of sustainable bamboo, the Flexistix fit together with flexible silicone connectors, enabling structures to be solid but fluid to create arcs and spheres.

Design and create a a geodesic dome and a truss bridge with this fun Flexistix kit ! When you have finished, you can use the sticks and flexible connectors to create your own fantastic geodesic structures.

Develops fine motor skills, self discovery, communication, problem solving, mathematical concepts, imaginative and creative play. 

Flexistix are lightweight and interchangeable with all Flexistix Sets. Combine Flexistix sets together to create more of everything and anything - imagination holds no limits with Flexistix!

Made from bamboo, silicone, water based paints.

Includes - 62 Pieces 

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