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Handy Herbert Handwriting Glove

Handy Herbert Handwriting Glove

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Get a Grip on Proper Handwriting

Practicing the perfect tripod pencil grip is easy with Handy Herbert Handwriting Glove. No need to remind kids to hold their pencil properly - just pull on Handy Herbert, and only the child's thumb, pointer, and tall finger will poke through the holes. Unlike standard grips, all other fingers are comfortably pulled back inside the adorable glove, so kids naturally develop a correct grip. Ambidextrous glove can be used on both right or left hand.

  • Can be used with any pen, pencil, or even a crayon
  • Supports kids with fine motor skill difficulties
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Ages 4-10

Ideas for Use

  • Encourage use during handwriting practice at home or in the classroom
  • Use as a fidget to stimulate restless fingers
  • Put on a puppet show with Handy Herbert as the star

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