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GoTalk 32+

GoTalk 32+

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Gives you more GoTalk but still easy to use and affordably priced!

The GoTalk 32+ provides the most messages of any GoTalk. Rugged and easy to use like the GoTalk 4+GoTalk 9+, and GoTalk 20+, it has 32 buttons with keyguards plus three core vocabulary keys. The GoTalk 32+ has five levels, giving this talker a 163 message capacity.

The message keys record for 7 seconds and the core vocabulary keys record for 17 seconds. It also has a quick record feature, digital volume control, a built-in handle and keyguard, an overlay storage compartment and instructions printed on the back.

The three 17-second “core messages” stay the same on each level, so you don’t need to re-record essential messages for each level for those keys.

The GoTalk 32+ also features sequential recording and an option for whole-level erasing..

Here’s how it works:

  1. Determine communication messages
  2. Select pictures and text for each button
  3. Print overlay using GoTalk Overlay Software (not included) or create your own overlay with photos or magazine pictures
  4. Slide overlay into GoTalk
  5. Record messages and give to student
  6. Student presses button to communicate

The GoTalk 32+ is as always easy to use. Large buttons with built-in keyguard help users select the right message. Change levels with a press of a button. Overlays are stored inside, and slide in and out easily. Adjust volume by touching “up” and “down” buttons. Sturdy construction without mechanical levers and dials make GoTalk 32+ extremely durable. So durable, in fact, it is offered with a generous two year warranty.

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