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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - Julia Cook

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - Julia Cook

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When Mom promises to take Cora June to the Slushy Shack after school, Cora can't think about anything else. She stares at the clock, impatiently counting down every second of the school day. She causes a ruckus in the classroom when her excitement spills out in the open, and she has mini-meltdowns when Mom arrives late and the line at the Slushy Shack is painfully long. Then, when Cora finally gets to the counter to order her sweet treat, she gets the crushing news: All Unicorn Yak slushies are sold out. If she wants one, she has to come back another day!

Will Cora June have the strength to flex her patience muscle or will her disappointment turn into a sticky, sorry mess?

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