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Sensory Connect

Games and Activities for Attaching With Your Child

Games and Activities for Attaching With Your Child

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Finally a book to engage children in building attachments with their parents through playing games. This book is practical and offers fun activities to encourage closer relationships between parents and children.'- Dr. Sue Cornbluth, National Parenting Expert in Childhood Trauma, USA'When children are exposed to poor care very early in life, they have to suppress two very important processes that normally help children to feel safe with and enjoy their relationships with caregivers: separation distress which engenders the need for comfort and playfulness which leads to joyful connection. In this book, the author focuses on the playfulness side of parent-child connections, offering a wealth of practical, hands-on ways for caregivers to engage children in playful interactions. Parents and therapists who work with children exposed to poor care early in life will find this book extremely helpful.'- Jonathan Baylin, PhD, psychologist and coauthor of Brain Based Parenting

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