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Sensory Connect

Fortress Deluxe Wobble Board

Fortress Deluxe Wobble Board

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Balance boards are used widely by health and fitness professionals for numerous applications - child development, gymnasiums, sport training, prevention of injuries to the ankle and knee, rehabilitation after ankle, knee and hip injury, falls prevention and physiotherapy. It is a versatile tool, great for balance and functional rehabilitation training. It is especially designed for children to use as it gives them an additional challenge in an engaging and fun way, so their exercise regime is not a chore. It is used to improve - proprioception, balance, motor coordination skills, range of motion, core strength, lower limb & ankle strength and sensory integration of the brain. It is particularly helpful for children with developmental disorders as it can assist with sensory integration and expanding neural networks, which can then improve their cognitive skills. The textured surface allows a safer grip and non-slip functionality. It can be used in conjunction with other training devices such as - latex band or tubing,(resistance training); free weights; medicine balls and so on.

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