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Everyone's Contributions Count - Bryan Smith

Everyone's Contributions Count - Bryan Smith

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When Amelia starts working on a project, she has lots of great ideas...

So many ideas, in fact, that she doesn't think she needs any help from anyone - not even her assigned project partners. She's an independent worker and is more happy to go ahead and get it done on her own. But to Amelia's surprise, her project teammates just don't feel the same way - especially after she fails to give them credit for their own hard work!

When Amelia's antics result in cold shoulders and unfriendly stares from friends, she realizes she might need to handle thing differently.

Luckily, Amelia's teachers are there to teach her some simple ways to recognize and value the contributions of others. Will Amelia be able to undo the hurt she's caused, and discover the true benefits of working as a team? 

Everyone's Contributions Count is from award-winning author and school counselor Bryan Smith's Without Limits book series for children in grades K through 5. Included at the end of the picture book are tips for parents and educators to help drive home the message of valuing the contributions of others, which helps develop positive relationships. 31 pgs.

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