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Emelia Understands Equity - Jeff Tucker

Emelia Understands Equity - Jeff Tucker

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The students at Chicorée Elementary are back and this time Emelia is feeling stressed. She has some big tests and is nervous about having time to finish. So imagine her reaction when Sammy gets an extra few minutes to finish his test, and Cecelia gets to use a calculator for hers!

It’s just not fair!

When her big belly breaths aren’t helping her calm down, Emelia goes to visit the school counselor, Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins uses keen listening, positive relationships, and wonderful illustrative examples to help Emelia see that fair does not always mean equal.

Readers of all ages, adults included, will find this timely teaching tale valuable and relevant.

This is the second story in the Chicorée Elementary Stories for Success book series. Included are tips for parents and educators to help teach the concept of equity to children in grades K through 6. 31 pgs.

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