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Diversity Is Key - Bryan Smith

Diversity Is Key - Bryan Smith

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When Amelia walks into school and sees posters and signs about something called Diversity Week, she has no clue what it means or why it matters.

Every day, she's introduced to cultures, cuisines, and customs that push Amelia outside her comfort zone and test her preconceived notions about people and places.

Amelia asks herself (and her friends);

Is Mei really asking me to bow when I introduce myself?

Rosa is celebrating What-toes again?

How the heck do I eat something wrapped in a cornhusk?

And why is Malia's mom dancing in a grass skirt?

Amelia has lots of questions (and few concerns), but the more she experiences, the more she realizes how diversity makes life more fun. Will Amelia be able to understand that differences should bring us together, not divide us? Students in grades K through 5 are certain to learn along with Amelia in this tale from award-wining author and school counselor Bryan Smith's Without Limits book series, which celebrates children with character.

Included at the end of the story are tips for parents and educators when teaching kids to be open-minded and embrace differences.

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