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Clixo Mars Rover 30pc Set

Clixo Mars Rover 30pc Set

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Embark on an interstellar adventure with the Clixo Mars Rover Pack 30pcs, where your imagination is the only limit to exploring the red planet!

This fantastic kit is a launchpad for creativity and STEAM skills, offering a unique blend of engineering, art and science through play.

With 30 pieces to choose from, children can transform flat, 2D pieces into dynamic 3D mars rovers equipped with all-terrain tyres for extra grip on Martian landscapes!

And, as night falls on your extraterrestrial expeditions, glow-in-the-dark connectors and tires light the way, ensuring the adventure never stops.

Using the innovative axle brackets included, you can construct rovers, motorcycles and space drones in multiple orientations.

It's an open-ended journey across uncharted territories, fueled by creativity and the thrill of discovery!

  • 30 versatile pieces in distinctive Clixo shapes for endless construction possibilities.
  • Glow-in-the-dark elements for exciting night-time play.
  • All-terrain tyres, fire blasters, and custom pieces like Duo the Axel allow for for versatile building.

Clixo combines the magic of origami with the simplicity of classic building blocks, creating an innovative, magnetic play system.

Its flexible 2D shapes, equipped with strong, secure magnets, easily snap together, allowing young minds to flex, flip, connect, and build anything they can dream up.

From simple structures to complex Martian habitats, Clixo encourages imaginative play and creative problem-solving, with no wrong way to build.

The Clixo Mars Rover Pack is perfect for young explorers eager to conquer new worlds. Grab yours today and start your journey to Mars and beyond!

Recommended for ages 6 - 10. Plastic-free, compostable, recyclable, 100% reusable packaging. Pieces are dishwasher safe!

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