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Chewy Gloves - pair (two sizes)

Chewy Gloves - pair (two sizes)

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Compression Gloves for Biting

Can't stop biting fingers or hands? Slip on these Chewy Gloves to help protect the thumb, forefinger and hand area. Teen/adult size is adjustable and has a touch compatible tip for phone, tablet or iPad use. The soft and stretchy fabric provides gentle compression on hands which some people find calming. Non-returnable.

  • Redirects kids, teens and adults from biting directly on their hands and fingers
  • Supports challenges of sensory processing disorder and autism
  • Made by Fun and Function

Ideas for Use

  • Wear in class to protect thumb, forefinger and hand
  • Wear on long car rides to enable iPad play while keeping hands protected 
  • Wear in the doctor's office to promote safe chewing while waiting

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