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Chalk and Chuckles - Spell Cat

Chalk and Chuckles - Spell Cat

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The Spell Cat has a special fascination for words, their sounds and their spelling. She feeds on cat food that she receives as a reward when you spell correctly. To play, you choose a picture word card. Place the letter word tiles in the correct sequence in the windows and close them. Write out the word on the whiteboard from memory and check if you were correct! If you were, kitty gets some food.

The skills developed with this game are vocabulary expansion, letter and word recognition and graphomotor skills.

The game contains: 1 spelling tray with an attached whiteboard. 1 wipe erase marker, 70 alphabet tiles, 90 picture word cards, 10 blank cards, Feed the Cat board with 20 food tokens, and instructions.

This game is suitable for ages 4-8.

The number of players is 1 or more.

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