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Chalk and Chuckles - Shape Your Story – Draw to Tell

Chalk and Chuckles - Shape Your Story – Draw to Tell

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Multifaceted play! Use shapes to tell a story! Turn a triangle into a hat, a circle into the body of a mouse, a square into a house. There are all kinds of shapes to discover and turn into your story. There are 36 cards to lend themselves to thousands of drawn objects and millions of yarns! Use the three shapes to draw by rolling the dice to decide the number of cards and the shapes. Draw and tell stories yourself, or challenge each other in Timed Tales, or even create stories together in a game of co-operative story telling.

This game develops

  • Artistic imagination and creative thinking.
  • Oral Expression
  • Self Expression and confidence
  • Co-operative play

The game contains: 1 Shape Die, 2 Number dice, 36 Shape cards, 2 Wipe erasable markers, 1 Sand timer and instructions.

For ages 5- 99 years

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