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But I Need Your Help Now! - Bryan Smith

But I Need Your Help Now! - Bryan Smith

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Do you continuously interrupt a teacher or your parents to ask for help? Do you blurt out a response even when you should wait your turn?

Then you can relate to Isaac, a second grader who struggles with waiting his turn to be recognized by an adult. He's a little impatient, and this can get him in trouble at school and in the world.

Watching him interrupt others is a masterclass in bad-manners and embarrassing behaviors. When a tough problem has him stuck, Isaac blurts out. It's not just his lack of patience and poorly timed interruptions that cause chaos. He mistakenly stays quiet during an emergency when an adult's attention is desperately needed.

With patience, Isaac's mom guides him through the steps of getting somebody's attention appropriately, helping him with the problem, and implementing interpersonal communication skills he will need for future situations. Isaac understands, but will need to practice if he wants to be successful.

In these pages, young readers learn valuable lessons about how to wait their turn, and when necessary, how to interrupt the right way! Help your child control their impulses and become more self-reliant by utilizing the tips included at the end of the book. Helping children become good decision makers and lifelong problem solvers involves teaching them to control their impulses and interrupt appropriately.

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