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Awesome Dawson - It's Not Your Turn - Julia Cook

Awesome Dawson - It's Not Your Turn - Julia Cook

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Is Dawson really awesome? He doesn't look so awesome when he bursts into tears because he's not first in line for a bubble gum ice cream cone. Or when he cries his eyes out because he's behind the crowd at the gorilla habitat. Or when he pouts because he can't be line leader at school. Or when he's blubbering because he's not the first one to use the bubble-blowing wand. It seems like the only thing awesome about Dawson is his ability to cry! If he can't go first, see first or be first, he wails and whines. If Dawson really wants to be awesome, the whining and the waterworks have to stop. But is that enough to prove his awesomeness, or does he need to show a bit more patience, fairness, and empathy too? With playful rhymes and illustrations, Awesome Dawson, It Is NOT Your Turn! is an amusing tale about learning how to share and take turns. A special tips page written specifically for parents and educators offers valuable suggestions on helping children stretch their patience muscle and strengthen their self-control.

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