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ARK Therapeutics Lip Blok

ARK Therapeutics Lip Blok

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ARK's popular standard Lip Blok® is now available in a flexible version! This simple yet effective oral motor tool naturally exercises the mouth muscles to help discourage tongue thrusting, encourage tongue retraction, and correct overall tongue positioning. They also prevent individuals from putting the straw too far into their mouths. Simply press the Lip Blok into the top of a straw, and drink.When purchased, the Flexible Lip Blok measures 3/4" in length. Once the individual becomes accustomed to that length, trim the mouthpiece slightly. Once the individual is comfortable drinking from the new length, trim it slightly again. Repeat until the mouthpiece measures 1/4" in length. This hierarchy slowly teaches individuals to put less and less of the straw into their mouths. When only 1⁄4” is inside the mouth, fluid is deposited in the front of the mouth where it is easier to manage and less likely to cause coughing aspiration. With shorter lengths, you also get a better oral motor workout, as the tongue retracts more, the lips seal better, and the cheeks have more tension.  

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