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ARK Therapeutics Baby Grabber

ARK Therapeutics Baby Grabber

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ARK's Baby Grabber® is designed to calm and soothe infants who are in the early stages of development.  At approximately 5-6 months, babies start mouthing and chewing in order to strengthen their mouth muscles and exercise their lips, tongue, and jaw. This oral exploration prepares them to eat solid foods and to make speech sounds later on. The Baby Grabber® provides a safe outlet for babies to develop these skills. It can also assist in self-organization, in the transition from puréed to textured foods, and in soothing sore gums. While all surfaces of the Grabber® can be chewed on, the extension provides input all the way to the back molar area. Highly recommended for any babies in the mouthing stage, but particularly those with hypersensitivity and oral sensory defensiveness. Measures approximately 4 inches in length and just under 2 inches across the loop.The light blue, yellow, and pink Baby Grabbers are soft and chewy. The orange Baby Grabber is firmer yet still chewy and pliable. Teething babies may prefer the firmer option, as it provides added resistance and input to the gums. 

Baby Grabbers are recommended for children up to the age of 2 and a half years. After that, children should graduate to the regular Grabbers or Y-Chews. Exact color hues may vary slightly.

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