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All About Sharing - Bryan Smith

All About Sharing - Bryan Smith

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A story of two siblings who never ever want to share! Sharing doesn't come easy to Marcos or Lili. Whatever Marcos has or does, Lili wants a piece of it. They fight over control of the TV remote. They quarrel over who gets to play fetch with the dog. They squabble over toys, and there is absolutely no room for compromise when it comes to the coin collection - EVERY coin belongs to Marcos. Mom has had enough of the arguing and selfish behaviors. She reminds her kiddos that sharing doesn't have to be hard or painful if it's done right! Mom teaches them a lesson on how to share and play fair, but is it a lesson either will take to heart? When a brawl breaks out at school because one student is hoarding all the fun games, Marcos has an opportunity to step up and teach his classmates about compromise and kindness. Will he be able to negotiate a solution that is fair, stops the fight, and leaves everyone happy? All about Sharing is an entertaining story with a valuable message about negotiation, compromise, kindness, and fairness.

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